December 10, 2012

How to roast garlic

I much prefer the mild, earthy flavor of roasted garlic to the overpowering bite of raw garlic, so I keep a bulb of roasted garlic in the fridge at all times to add to my cooking. This way there is also no need to tediously mince or crush garlic, and your fingers won't smell of garlic for days!

Roasting garlic is very, very simple. It does not need to involve olive oil, tin foil, or chopping of any kind. You don't even need to use a single dish or utensil! Simply peel off the papery outer layers of the garlic, leaving the cloves attached to the root, and pop it in the oven until the cloves feel nice and soft when you press them with your fingers. You can roast it at any temperature, from 275°F to 400°F. The higher the temperature, the less time it will take. To save electricity and time, I usually just stick it in the oven while I'm baking something else.

Easy! :)

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