About Me

My name is Jessica and I'm a university student from Vancouver, Canada, currently living in Victoria. I made this blog for my sister so that I could share my recipes and my passion for nutrition with her, and whoever else might be interested!

I am a die-hard Weston Price fanatic and I'm fascinated by traditional methods of food production and preparation. Following the principles of Weston Price's discoveries is one of the main reasons I no longer have pain, digestive issues, and food allergies (all of which used to be very severe!)

My healing journey led me to realize that as soon as food becomes an industry, quality and nourishment are drastically reduced, and peoples' minds become saturated with misinformation, all for the sake of profit. By listening to traditional wisdom, working in harmony with nature, buying food from farmers we trust, and preparing it ourselves, we can bypass the "food industry" altogether and experience the countless benefits of real nourishing food!!